Septic System 101

J.L. Smith Septic Tank Services, LLC has provided the following information to familiarize customers with the basic mechanics of septic system components.

PTI Drain Field

Septic Tank

basic septic system componentsA septic system is a common method for treating wastewater. The main components of the system are the septic tank and the drain field. In the septic tank, the wastewater separates into layers as denser matter sinks to the bottom of the tank. Lighter waste remains in the top layer as it moves on to be filtered through gravel in the drain field. This series of filtration processes produces a fluid that can then be safely absorbed and broken down by the soil.

When systems are properly maintained and tanks are pumped regularly, the layers of soil beneath the drain field naturally cleanse the water and eliminate bacteria. Eventually the naturally treated water safely seeps in to the groundwater. It is when systems are neglected or misused that they potentially become overloaded and can become hazardous to your home and community.